Teachers at Cleveland Charter School Vote to Unionize

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The AFT announced that a charter school in Cleveland chose to join the union, despite the efforts of the charter operator to dissuade them. This is a tricky situation. On one hand, charter advocates don’t want their teachers in a union. Of an estimated 7,000 charter schools, very few have union teachers. So it is a victory when charter teachers join a union. On the other hand, as small numbers of charters unionize, the national union becomes less likely to take a stand against charters, even though many–if not most–were created by rightwingers like the Waltons to bypass unions.

“For Immediate Release

May 5, 2016

Andrew Crook




Educators at second Cleveland charter school unionize
Northeast Ohio College Preparatory High School staff join national charter union wave

CLEVELAND—Teachers and support staff at Northeast Ohio College Preparatory High School (NEO High School) voted 21-3 today to join the…

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Fernand Braudel, Afterthoughts on Material Civilization and Capitalism

alien ecologies

I think mankind is more than waist-deep in daily routine. Countless inherited acts, accumulated pell-mell and repeated time after time to this very day, become habits that help us live, imprison us, and make decisions for us throughout our lives. These acts are incentives, pulsions, patterns, ways of acting and reacting that sometimes – more frequently than we might suspect – go back to the beginnings of mankind’s history. Ancient, yet still alive, this multicenturied past flows into the present like the Amazon River pouring into the Atlantic Ocean the vast flood of its cloudy waters.

– Fernand Braudel, Afterthoughts on Material Civilization and Capitalism

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Chomsky & Varoufakis in NYC

Lee Camp on how Bernie Sanders Got Screwed by Election Fraud and Voter Suppression | Acronym podcast #12

The Acronym Journal

Lee Camp, host of Redacted Tonight, joins Dennis Trainor, Jr. for a conversation about blatant voter suppression, election fraud, #ExitPollGate and more.

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Lee Camp has been digging hard into the issue of Election fraud, voter suppression, and the wide disparity between exit poll data and election results. He captured that exit poll disparity in a meme he published last week. The actor Tim Robbins then re-tweeted it making the idea go viral.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 4.51.45 PM
The hashtag that Robbins chose here is a bit confusing. Fraud has been committed on voters, to be sure, but there was no voter fraud. If Camp’s #ExitPollGate findings are correct, what is playing out here is voter suppression and the total hijacking of our democracy.

Josh Holland, writing at Raw Story, took issue with Lee’s data, writing:

Here we have an example of an actor citing a comedian…

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Public School Teachers: The Next Endangered Species (4 years later)


This is a RE POSTING of a blog I wrote four years ago during Teacher Appreciation Week.

Seems appropriate to re-post it now. Please comment on the question: How much has changed or not in last four years?


I felt an urgency to write this post before Friday in order to coincide with Teacher Appreciation Week because this quasi “event of recognition” must remain close on our radar well past this Friday.  Never mind that this gesture is being erased by the first annual…gag…National Charter School week … gag again.

On Monday Mark Naison shared a post that reads:

“Having Teacher Appreciation Week in the United States of America, at this historic moment, is like having Deer Appreciation Week during hunting season.”

After reading this I laughed out loud for a while, and then quietly chuckled to myself for days after that. Why? Because what is happening to public education…

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Explaining the last ten years: Keynes or Marx – who is right?

Michael Roberts Blog

The latest economic data from the major capitalist economies do not make pretty reading.  The global slowdown, as measured in real GDP growth, is worsening.  The first reading for real GDP growth in the US, for the first quarter of 2016, delivered an annualised rise of just 0.5%, or 0.125% quarter over quarter.  If we compare the size of the US economy after taking into account changes in prices (inflation), with the first quarter of 2015, then the American economy is larger by just 1.9%.  That’s the slowest rate of expansion since early 2014. The US economy, the best of the major capitalist economies, is still just crawling along.

US real GDP growth

There was only one of the top seven capitalist economies (G7) apart from the US that was growing by more than 2% at the end of 2015.  It was the UK.  Now in the first quarter of 2016, the UK reported an…

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Polly Mann: The Pentagon’s Foreign Aid

Rise Up Times

Counter-terrorism efforts in Afghanistan, Somalia and Yemen suggest that U.S. military assistance programs have created substantial blowback by exacerbating the central forces fueling insurgency and violence, thereby strengthening the enemies they are intended to combat.

By Polly Mann   Women Against Military Madness Newsletter  Spring II 2016

While people are in need in the U.S., another weapons issue of vital concern is the nearly $623 billion discretionary funds allocated for the Pentagon. (Figure from National Priorities Project). This includes foreign military aid programs. Known as Building Partners Capacity (BPC), these programs are designated for arming and training foreign partners. In addition to questions about fiscal responsibility, BPC programs appear to undermine U.S. national security. Counter-terrorism efforts in Afghanistan, Somalia and Yemen suggest that U.S. military assistance programs have created substantial blowback by exacerbating the central forces fueling insurgency and violence, thereby strengthening the enemies they are intended to combat. (Current, comprehensive…

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