Mountain Torrent — Egon Schiele

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Notice: Cover Art Designed Gratis

21st Century Poet:

Your collages are fantastic – literally and figuratively…

It would be great to hear a bit about your technique as well, if it’s not giving away any secrets.

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Notice: As my collage work is relatively unknown, if you are considering publishing a book of any kind and like my work I am willing to consider designing cover art  gratis with all rights reserved to myself. Just drop me a comment here on any one of my posts and we can discuss your needs. >KB

I would appreciate it if you follow me or simply stop in from time to time and enjoy my collage work, if you could take the time to re-post this notice above to get the word out. I am very interested in pursuing this but cannot do it without exposure. Thank you. >KB

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Banks vs. Greek Labour

My Review of Doug Martin’s “Hoosier School Heist”

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Every so often, I run into someone who says that he or she cannot take seriously the claim that there is such a thing as a “privatization” movement. They think that charter schools are public schools (I do not) and they scoff at any concern about for-profit schools. They say things like, “There have always been for-profit businesses in education, selling tests, textbooks, supplies, etc., why does it matter if some corporations run schools for profit?” In their eyes, corporate reform is innovative and risky, and no one—not even the for-profit corporations—is trying to privatize public education.

To anyone who questions the existence of the privatization movement, I recommend Doug Martin’s “Hoosier School Heist.” Martin is a blogger who holds a Ph.D. in nineteenth century American literature. He is a native of Indiana who is deeply versed in that state’s school politics and its major (and minor) players. His book…

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Jelly Roll Morton on the Mardi Gras Indians (1938)

Adam Curtis: The Mayfair Set (1999)

Heavy Metal — Kilian Eng

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