Slavoj Zizek 2013 Brasil

The intro is in Portuguese with an english translation, then Zizek speaks in english the entire time.

Zizek speaks on the legacy of Chavez, the class divide between vampires and zombies, the day after the orgasmic revolutionary spectacle, violence, violence against women, the violence of language, pedophilia in the catholic church, belief, Hegel and Marx.

Of course, Zizek loves to provoke and incite, so if you’re not used to him, get ready for a bumpy roller-coaster ride. The seeming irony with Zizek is that many accuse him of being wild and crazy, but he – like Chomsky – is actually quite conservative. Here is Chomsky on conservatism:

“Whatever the term means, it involves a concern for Enlightenment values of individual rights and freedoms against powerful external authorities such as the state, a dominant Church, and so on. That kind of conservatism no one even remembers anymore.”
—Noam Chomsky (1928 – ) Interview by Adam Jones, February 20, 1990
full quote:

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