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Pandora’s Box, A Fable From the Age of Science

I. Pandora’s Box: The Engineers’ Plot

II. Pandora’s Box: To the Brink of Eternity

III. Pandora’s Box: The League of Gentlemen

IV. Pandora’s Box: Goodbye Mrs. Ant

V. Pandora’s Box: Black Power

VI. Pandora’s Box: A is for Atom

Pandora’s Box, subtitled A Fable From the Age of Science, is a six part 1992 BBC documentary television series written and produced by Adam Curtis, which examines the consequences of political and technocratic rationalism.

Amazing Psychedelic Vintage Norwegian Sci-Fi Book Covers


They just don’t make book covers the way they used to. That is: epically weird, like this series of science fiction books published by Norwegian imprint Lanterne in the ’60s and ’70s and spotted by Caustic Cover Critic. Designed by Peter Haars, the covers are not only deliciously bizarre and psychedelic, but also pretty compelling, as book covers go. Check out some highlights from the series after the jump, and then head over to this Flickr page for more.

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