Letter to ‘The Nation’ From a Young Radical

This isn’t a thrilling video, but people seem to be attracted to video. It is a ploy to get you to read this article by Bhaskar Sunkara of Jacobin magazine fame:

Liberalism—including much of what’s published in this [The Nation] magazine—seems well-intentioned but inadequate. The solution lies in the re-emergence of American radicalism.

Click any of the text above to go to the article.

If more than a few people read the article and then ask for some commentary, I will put something together. Depends on the response. It’s a must read for liberals. The Nation asked him to write it, so that tells me something. As a radical, it is very weak tea, but if you identify as a liberal you need to hear the message.

P.S. There is a long interview/discussion about this article in the This Is Hell podcast I posted a link to earlier.

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