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Greg Palast exposes Larry Summer’s evil memo

Click pic of memo or text above to read story.

Click “This is Hell” banner above to listen to #762 Podcast where Greg Palast gives the back story to this memo leak and hear Thomas Frank expound on the general state of affairs brought about by our venal deregulated financial/governmental culture.

NB: Palast and Frank both went to University of Chicago and rubbed elbows with the “masterminds” our “reigning economic doctrine” – essentially neo-liberalism.

The “This is Hell Radio” show is one of the best shows out there. I highly recommend listening every week.


Truthout TV Interviews Henry A. Giroux: When Schools Become Dead Zones of the Imagination

Truthout TV Interviews Henry A. Giroux: When Schools Become Dead Zones of the Imagination

Click on any text to go to truthout where you can read the original interview

Clever Illustrations of Necessary Words With No English Translations

Clever Illustrations of Necessary Words With No English Translations

Click here to go to article

Black agenda report tv

Fascinating: On Civil rights, the march, debates, discussions, historical footage – Multimedia

Click picture above to go to The Guardian’s multimedia presentation

Click here to go to Davey D’s multimedia presentation. Must see discussion panel with Malcom X and civil rights leaders. Fascinating that with hindsight Malcom X ended up being the most wrong and the most right: wrong about racial separation and right about almost everything else, including the racism and hypocrisy of the establishment – and most americans.

NPR Music -Tiny Desk Concerts: Yet another way to discover new music

interspersed with the 20-something hipsters and cure aficionados, there are some decent bands. just started cycling through the playlist. i find most music these days boring and derivative, but i can usually find something to appreciate in the performance: arranging, voice, delivery, harmonies, musicianship, feeling, etc…
i always hope to come across something special, but it rarely happens. if nothing else, it’s a good way to hear what some musicians are doing these days, get a feel for the zeitgeist…
if pokey lafarge is on this playlist, thumbs up. he’s got a kick ass harmonica player too.

Long Joni Mitchell Interview + Appearance on another Canadian show

Despite the interviewer, this is a good one. I don’t mind him generally, but he’s a conventional “journalist” and was in fact out of his depth – though I’ve heard him sound more intelligent in the past. He would have done everyone a favor if he had just tried to have a conversation with her – or at the very least never interrupted her. Be that as it may, it’s better to tune him out and just listen to Joni. Though I’m glad he brought up Bob Dylan. I agree Bob imitated a lot on the way up, but many original artists start that way. I agree that he doesn’t have the best voice in the world or is a great guitar player, but I was surprised that she didn’t find much originality in him – and that she dissed Masters of War. Some might remember he even covered “Big Yellow Taxi.” Ah well, the point of watching the interview is to hear what she has to say, and that was part of it. There is a lot of great Joni on display here – and the meat of what she is saying is nutritious, though many find it hard to chew. She is my kind of artist. I don’t always love her music, but no matter what she’s saying or how she is saying it, it is coming from a place of empathy and humanity. I like her blend of straight, simple, small town talk and poetic intellectualism. She is always searching, always saying love is the way, always calling bullshit when necessary and striving for all of those things our society dismisses and stomps on: truth, beauty, justice – now more than ever. She is a natural intellectual, an autodidact, an outsider, a wit, a survivor, a questioner extraordinaire…and braver than most.

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