Trailer for Robert Reich’s new film Inequality for All

Reich consistently has a solid analysis of economic problems. His only problem is that he is still a liberal democrat. Over the years he has been moving left, but he has to keep going. Left-leaning liberal democrats are in a bit of a catch-22. If they tell the whole truth and say we need some kind of socialism, they alienate huge swaths of people and endanger their careers. Of course, by definition they aren’t socialists, but if you listen, they always couch their arguments in safe terms: “we can be great again, etc…” If they toe the party line (though there is no such thing as a liberal democratic party), they are seen as essentially supporting the dominant power structure. The flaw in their thinking is underestimating the viciousness of our corporate masters and the institutions they control. In other words, everyone with a critique and voice should have the same sense of urgency as someone like Chris Hedges. There is a horrific new brand of neo-liberal (look it up) techno-fascism gripping all of our necks like a hungry vampire (and many fangs are well sunk and the blood is flowing). We should be afraid, then we should organize- and not just to vote. While voting for “the right” (correct) people is nice and we should do it when possible, we are far beyond that at this point. The system cannot simply be tweaked to set it (back?) on the right course. This is the biggest problem with liberal thought. Yes, organizing and actually putting forward candidates for office at every level is good too, but even that will not stop the vampires. To generalize in an extreme manner to make the point: about half the country thinks they’re doing fine – even if they happen to be a few paychecks from the street. The other half thinks they are fucked and nobody give a shit about them. And they seem to be almost totally correct. In the meantime the super rich continue to steal our wealth and figure out new ways to control every aspect of our lives. Well, as always, we’ve got a long way to go.

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