Why Are Swedish Schools Falling Behind?

Again. This is neoliberalism in action. Everyone involved in trying to save public schools needs to understand the neoliberal agenda inside and out. The ideology of neoliberalism has been used to formulate a series of policies that are employed by corporations and the governments they purchase to privatize and impose other “structural adjustments” throughout the world.

The bad news is that if we only fight the battle against school “reform,” we may lose the war against total corporate control of every single aspect of our lives. The good news is that understanding school “reform” is just a piece of a much bigger puzzle will help us see that we have potential allies all over the world who are experiencing the same thing. Time to organize world-wide to fight corporate rule.

My comments here address the issue and contain a link to a primer on neoliberalism:


Diane Ravitch's blog

Among the nations of Europe, Sweden has taken the lead in imposing choice, competition, and high-stakes testing. Sweden has vouchers, so students can take their public money to any public or private school they want. Sweden also adopted a national curriculum.

The result: a falling quality of education, lower results on international tests, and increased social stratification. This is an example of what Finnish educator Pasi Sahlberg calls GERM (the Global Education Reform Movement), characterized by choice, competition, and testing.

Swedish educators await the release of the next PISA exam with trepidation, but the education minister of the conservative government is already prepared with excuses, ready to blame the Social Democrats, who were in power until 2006, or to blame teachers, whose profession has fallen into low esteem as a consequence of government policies.

Note that Sweden is demographically similar to Finland, yet its schools continue to decline as Finland…

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