Information on the nefarious machinations of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation


The Gates Foundation was described as a shell for tax avoidance by philanthropist and accounting expert, Sheldon Drobny. Techrights has collected evidence that shows the same and will organize it here. Through the foundation, Bill, Melinda and Microsoft maintain pharmaceutical patent investments, tobacco investments, investments in alcoholic beverages, petroleum investments, investments in experimental and controversial crops, and even investments in news/media. Gates need not even pay tax, though he keeps control of the assets and uses that control to influence private and public policy. Money talks and politicians can in turn be persuaded to buy from Microsoft. This dependence/lock-in cascades down to businesses and homes, creating a revenue stream that would not exist in a free market. Gates is also able to bring public money to himself through energy and public health policy. As Gates has diversified, his corrupting influence has spread to other portions of the economy.
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The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has spent $472 million (so far) on higher education. Why many in academe are not writing thank-you notes.
Click here to read, The Chronicle of Higher Education’s, “The Gates Effect” By Marc Parry, Kelly Field, and Beckie Supiano

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