Winona Frac Sand Trial: The Verdict Comes In, The Struggle Continues

Rise Up Times

Putting Our Fate Into The Hands Of The Jurors

Steve Clemens Frac Sand Winona

Steve Clemens handcuffed

Day 4 of Frac Sand Protest Trial – Part 1

 By Steve Clemens  Mennonista  Feb 6, 2014

At 9 AM the jury was seated and defense witnesses continued their testimony. Veteran activist and Catholic Worker farmer, Mike Miles was the thirteenth defendant to take the stand. With a degree in Zoology and a Masters in Youth Ministry, Mike told us the premise of one of his seminary courses was that one cannot know God unless you are doing justice. He said he has found himself “walking up driveways I shouldn’t have – because of my commitment to nonviolence.” He knew if he got arrested he would have his “day in court and hopefully be able to tell the truth, the whole truth, to a jury serving as the conscience of the community.” However, the Judge quickly told…

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