An Education Researcher Speaks Out Against War on Public Schools

Diane Ravitch's blog

Tim Slekar moved not long ago from Penn State-Altoona to Edgewood College in Wisconsin, a small Catholic liberal arts college.

In both places, he has been a firebrand, fighting to restore common sense to the national dialogue and to promote respect for educators.

Tim has made videos, podcasts, a radio show, run for school board (in Pennsylvania), and done whatever he could to draw attention to the outrageous attacks on public education by extremists governors and legislators (such as those in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin).

Tim is a no-holds-barred fighter for justice and the American way, or what the American way should be–liberty and justice for all. Tim knows that a decent society does not tolerate the extremes of wealth and poverty that have become part of our national fabric in the past few decades.

He is fearless and does not hide behind academic jargon.

A 30-year attack has worked to…

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