What Will Happen When Common Core Tests Go National

Diane Ravitch's blog

Experienced curriculum designer Robert Shepherd wrote the following prediction after reading this post:

“The oligarchs who got together in a back room and decided that we were going to have

a. invariant, top-down national standards, and
b. these ridiculous new tests

“have grown used to absolute power. They have grown used to implementing policy in their companies, for example, and having people accept it because they have no choice but to do so.

“And so it came as quite a shock to them when, after the fiasco of the New York test, parents and teachers and students in New York state said, almost unanimously, “This is insane and has to stop.”

“Predictably, they ignored the lowly teachers and students. They are trying to get away with ignoring the parents.

“Who are these mere mortals to question their judgment?

“Those guys have an interesting experience coming, for when these tests…

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