The Article That Shut Me Up: Making Strange the Familiarity of White Violence


That’s harder than it sounds. I’d tell you not to comment but I’ll be so busy having a conversation in my mind that it won’t matter if you do.

This week that mental conversation will be thinking a great deal about white violence and black (anti) wealth creation.

Look, I teach stratification and race and organizations. And, I have the worst superpower ever: I figure out almost every movie, book, and rhetorical performance about two and half minutes in. It’s a game I play, which is rather perverse seeing as I live for not guessing the next rhetorical flourish, dramatic turn or character development. But, its precisely because I love the unexpected so much that I spend an inordinate amount of time ruining it.

Taken together, It’s hard to stump me on some novel way human beings screw something up or screw people over. Oh, you say the NSA is…

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