The Vergara Case: The Corporate Reformers Blame Teachers, Ignore Social Science

Diane Ravitch's blog

Julie Gutman Dickinson, a pro-union lawyer, here explains that the Vergara case is not what it appears to be.

Its wealthy corporate backers say that teachers are to blame if students get low scores, ignoring decades of social science about the effects of poverty and inadequate resources.

Their attack on teachers is a convenient way to divert attention from the impact of massive budget cuts that devastated the schools of California during the Schwarzenegger era. This is a case that serves the “reformers” well, as it will provide a template for similar legal battles across the nation. And if the plaintiffs should prevail, based on anecdotes, it will be yet another blow against the teaching profession, another incitement for people to avoid or leave the classroom for less embattled fields.

She writes:

Though efforts to remake public education have attracted both Democrats and Republicans, the three-pronged strategy of austerity, privatization…

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