Evergreene Digest: Congress kills military sexual assault bill while denying health care benefits for veterans

Rise Up Times

  • If Obama had weighed in, Gillibrand said he could have helped tip the scales in favor of her proposal.
  • When a scandal becomes a cause
  • Republicans Block Bill to Expand Healthcare and Education for Veterans

Darren Samuelsohn, Juana Summers, Anna Palmer, Politico

3/6/14 |Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand came up short Thursday in her yearlong campaign to overhaul military sexual-assault policies, falling five votes short of the 60 needed to overcome a filibuster.

The New York Democrat’s bill, which would have removed the chain of command from prosecuting sexual assaults and other major military crimes, was derailed in the Senate on a 55-45 vote, closing out one chapter in a debate that divided the Senate but not along typical partisan lines.

Darren Samuelsohn is a senior policy reporter for Politico Pro; Juana Summers is a defense reporter for Politico Pro; and Anna Palmer is a senior Washington correspondent for Politico.


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