Florida Teacher Donates His Bonus to NPE to Fight Testing Craze

Diane Ravitch's blog

Kevin Strang, a high school music teacher in Orange County, Florida, won an $810.87 bonus for teaching in an A-rated school. He is donating his bonus to the Network for Public Education to fight high-stakes testing, school grading, merit pay, and the other corporate reforms that treat teachers as donkeys in need of carrots and sticks.

Kevin is a professional, and he expects to be treated as a professional.

“Strang, who has taught in Florida schools for 15 years, sent out a press release Wednesday stating that “the $810.87 received for his school’s ‘A’ rating will instead be sent to the Network for Public Education, an organization dedicated to ending the practice of linking high-stakes testing to teacher evaluations and pay….”

“Strang’s own teaching evaluation was tied to math and reading exams of ninth-graders, though he teaches music.

“I don’t feel right taking the money when there are teacher teaching…

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