Disneyland in 1955 and in 1988


July 17, 1955: Disneyland opens among orange groves. In foreground is the still-unfinished Santa Ana Freeway. The Harbor Boulevard intersection is on the extreme right. Below is a similar photo from 1988.

These two photos were published in the June 2, 1988, Los Angeles Times. They accompanied an article by Urban Affairs Writer Jeffery A. Perlman on Orange County’s rapid growth. His article’s lead:

Walt Disney knew. And he was all but ignored.

In 1953, a Disney-commissioned study predicted that Orange County was about to undergo tremendous growth. But state and county officials only laughed when told about plans to build Disneyland in an Anaheim orange grove. Why build something like the Magic Kingdom, they asked, out in the country?

By 1955, when Disneyland opened, county officials predicted that by 1970, Orange County’s population would be 720,000. The county hit that number in 1961, nine years ahead of schedule…


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Brimstone, fire and praises from Barry Brown


hämta The latest album from UK’s Hot Milk is yet another Linval Thompson produced effort. Barry Brown’s The Thompson Sound 1979-82 was originally issued on Thompson’s own imprint Thompson Sound a while ago, and now it’s available again.

The riddims on this tough set was laid down at Channel One by Roots Radics and mixed at King Tubby’s by Scientist. It collects singles and versions recorded in 1979 as well as an albums worth of material recorded in 1981 and 1982. The album was however shelved at the time because the market was already flooded with Barry Brown material.

Linval Thompson was something of a mentor to Barry Brown and they share a similar vocal style, a style also utilized by singers such as Tristan Palma and Rod Taylor. It’s a high, devotional and intense style that was very popular in the late roots and foundation dancehall eras, circa 1979 to 1982.


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▶ A model for independent funding: What Is the Financial Backing For The Real News?

Rise Up Times

Published on Mar 30, 2014

TRNN Hosts a discussion on the film ‘Shadows of Liberty’    The News Media: Censorship, Coverups and Corporate Control – Panel moderated by Paul Jay featuring film director JP Tremblay and journalists Kristina Borjesson and Glen Ford.

watch full episode http://therealnews.com/t2/index.php?o…

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How Long Do You Have to Practice Apartheid Before You Become an Apartheid State?

Corey Robin

The Daily Beast reports on a speech John Kerry gave to the Trilateral Commission:

The secretary of state said that if Israel doesn’t make peace soon, it could become ‘an apartheid state,’ like the old South Africa. Jewish leaders are fuming over the comparison.

South African apartheid lasted from 1948 to 1994: 46 years in total. The Occupation has lasted 47. What Jeffrey Goldberg has called Israel’s “temporary” or “provisional” apartheid is now one year older than South Africa’s “permanent” apartheid.

During the Iraq War, Thomas Friedman routinely predicted that “within the next six months,” we’d find out whether Iraq was going to be a democracy or a basket case. So recurrent were these predictions, long after the six months had expired, that it led to a fresh coinage: the Friedman Unit. Perhaps it’s time we coined a new phrase: the Goldberg Unit?

Kerry is hardly the first to…

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Obama’s ‘Manhood Problem’ – and Media’s Humanity Problem

Rise Up Times

The implicit message is that Obama either doesn’t use–or threaten to use–military force often enough, and in elite political/media circles, this line of analysis, while not often so crudely expressed, is considered normal. And that’s part of the problem.

Funeral of Afghan children killed in US airstrike

NBC‘s Meet the Press has made it a regular habit to complain about how some world leaders don’t seem to do what Barack Obama says he wants them to do (FAIR Blog3/3/14).

So maybe it’s no surprise that it’d do it again, and somehow make the whole thing even more offensive.

Right-leaning pundit David Brooks was on hand  on April 20 to share this pearl of wisdom:

Let’s face it, Obama, whether deservedly or not, does have a–I’ll say it crudely–a manhood problem in the Middle East: Is he tough enough to stand up to somebody like Assad, somebody…

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