Growing Backlash Among Teachers Against Common Core

Diane Ravitch's blog

As we have seen in mainstream media coverage of the Common Core, there is a common–but fake–narrative about the Common Core. Secretary Duncan has repeatedly said that opposition to the Common Core comes from the far right, especially the Tea Party. We are also told that teachers like the Common Core. The underlying goal is to stigmatize critics and to belittle those who do speak up.

A good place to start with the Common Core is to look honestly at the source of the criticism and see whether there are legitimate concerns. Unfortunately, this is not happening, and states have been told that they can add content, but they can change nothing. This is bizarre, as no standards are ever perfect; all must have a process to redress grievances if they be just.

It is true that the two national teachers’ unions support the Common Core, and it is also…

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