Teacher: A Victim of Connecting the Dots about Gates

Diane Ravitch's blog

Now that the Washington Post has identified how Bill Gates underwrote every aspect of the Common Core standards, everyone knows what some suspected.

Readers of this blog were not surprised, because we had read Mercedes Schneider’s posts about Gates’ funding of the CCSS.

But somehow, seeing it spelled out in detail in the Washington Post made it official.

Here is a teacher who connected the dots. She wanted to share what she knew with her colleagues. Read her story.

In the spring of 2011 I put up a bulletin board in my teachers’ room, not visible to children or parents, regarding the Bill Gates take over of our educational system. The heading read… You Should Know… I posted NO opinions, just articles linking him to Teach for America, Donors Choose, ( a program that was being pushed down our throats that I believe pitted teacher against teacher) and many…

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