John Merrow Writes About the $2 Million Plus Spent on PR by Michelle Rhee

Diane Ravitch's blog

This is a must-read column by John Merrow.

In it, he says that Michelle Rhee paid $2 million to a politically connected public relations firm in D.C. in a one-year period.

He writes:

“In just one year[1] Michelle Rhee spent about $2 million to buy the public relations services of Anita Dunn [2] and SKDKnickerbocker. It’s a continuing relationship that goes back to early in Rhee’s Chancellorship in Washington, and it’s probably the best money Rhee has ever spent (especially because it was contributed by her supporters).

“Just consider the challenge facing the PR team: The former Chancellor of the Washington, DC public schools ignored clear evidence [3] of cheating by adults [4] on the District’s standardized exams, as Linda Mathews, Jay Mathews, Jack Gillum, Michael Joseloff and I documented in “Michelle Rhee’s Reign of Error.”

“But Rhee went beyond covering up the misdeeds. Instead of making a sincere effort…

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