Why Campbell Brown Is Hiding the Names of Her Donors

Diane Ravitch's blog

When Stephen Colbert interviewed Campbell Brown, he asked her who was funding her activities against unions and teacher tenure. She said she couldn’t reveal their names because she had to protect them, presumably against the few dozen moms protesting outside Colbert’s studio with hand-lettered signs.

Mother Crusader found through her diligent research skills that Campbell Brown is aligned with some “vulture” capitalists, and it might be better for her cause to keep their identities secret.

Darcie Cimarusti (Mother Crusader) writes this:

“I’ve already taken a look at the Board of Directors of Brown’s new outfit, Partners for Educational Justice, which brings together reformy heavyweights from groups like StudentsFirstNY, DFER and NYCAN, and all the money, power, and influence behind those groups.

“But I’m embarrassed to say, I missed a HUGE piece of the puzzle.

“In my last post I described Brown’s husband, Dan Senor, as a board member for StudentsFirstNY…

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