Randy Newman – A Few Words in Defense of Our Country [Video]

Randy is often a satirical songwriter. This one doesn’t contain much at all.

I don’t want to pick apart the song too much, but he does skip right over the genocide of millions of native peoples, and then there’s that slavery thing – and that was just for starters; so, you know, add it all up and it kind of undermines the argument. That being said, I think you will see, by the end of the song, he knows what time it is…

Also, when you add it up, the guy is a gifted artist. I can’t post it, but find the big playlist and have a listen.

And I ask you, how many pop artists have written a Faust musical?

This was the cast on the CD:

Devil: Randy Newman
Lord: James Taylor
Henry Faust: Don Henley
Angel Rick: Elton John
Margaret: Linda Ronstadt
Martha: Bonnie Raitt

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