The Reform Media Monster Growing Bigger: And Its Mating!



I usually avoid writing posts that involve conjecture. I am a big fan of facts since corporate reformers rely on conjecture, hype, and marketing, I try and leave those strategies to them. But sometimes something happens that while an outcome cannot be proven, a question is worth considering.

Bloomberg News just announced that their new editor-in-chief will be John Micklethwait who has  served as the editor-in-chief on The Economist since 2006 and worked there since 1987.

Content produced by Bloomberg News is disseminated through a myriad of outlets including the Bloomberg terminal, Bloomberg TelevisionBloomberg RadioBloomberg BusinessweekBloomberg Markets, and Bloomberg’s mobile platforms.

Why should those of us fighting for quality, equitable, and meaningful public education for all children care about this?

We are already all too familiar with the stranglehold that the “reform” narrative has on the mainstream media. This is in…

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