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Woman Reading — Julio González


A Perfect Vacuum — Jeremy Geddes

Study of Helen — Gustave Moreau

A Handbook for the Education Revolution ….It’s Here



An Activist’s Handbook for the Education Revolution

United Opt Out has crafted a book accessible to parents, teachers, and activists. What can you expect? An “Education Reform 101” for those looking for a comprehensive history of how public education got here, a personal narrative from our organizers describing our journey to build a movement, research-driven explanations about how test-driven “reform” is designed to destroy public education, and a brilliant Forward by Ricaro Rosa… But wait! There’s More!  Each chapter includes an “Activist Workbook” to help readers build their own local efforts.

The scales are tipping and we CAN dismantle harmful corporate-driven policies that: 1) use high stakes testing as the cornerstone to privatize public education, 2) treat children like data bites, 3) bilk tax payer dollars as their personal saving account,  and 4) re-segregate and colonize urban communities in the name of “choice”.

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My Tour of Ferguson With Chris Hayes

The STL Stranger

Video can be found here its from a while back but just posting it here.

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“Turning on the Stars”

“The Study of the Philosophy of History”

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