Henry Giroux | Culture of Cruelty: the Age of Neoliberal Authoritarianism

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Human misery and systemic violence are now built into the nervous system of America. No one is compelled to stare; there is no shock of recognition; no inclination to act against a perceived injustice. There is just the fog of resignation, complacency, and normalcy waiting to be ruptured by the rage that comes with people being humiliated, exploited, assaulted, bound, and gagged for too long.


George Orwell’s nightmarish vision of a totalitarian society casts a dark shadow over the United States. As American society has moved from a welfare to a warfare state, the institutions that were once meant to limit human suffering and misfortune and protect the public from the excesses of the market have been either weakened or abolished.[1] With the withering, if not evisceration, of the social contract, the discourse of social responsibility has been removed from the…

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Video: Dr. Noam Chomsky Breaks the Set on War, Imperialism, and Propaganda

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Noam Chomsky on media control in the free world, drones as a weapon of terror, citizen rights, U.S. foreign policy, and more in an interview by Abby Martin.

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Henry A. Giroux: Youth, authoritarianism, and challenging neoliberalism’s politics of disposability

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Henry A. Giroux (2015): Youth, authoritarianism, and challenging neoliberalism’s politics of disposability


[Credit: Arnold Mesches.]

Henry A. Giroux is McMaster University Professor for Scholarship in the Public Interest in the English and Cultural Studies Department and the Paulo Freire Chair in Critical Pedagogy at The McMaster Institute for Innovation & Excellence in Teaching & Learning. He is also a Distinguished Visiting Professor at Ryerson University.

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Comcast Thinks It Has the Right to Censor You

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Protecting free speech is essential to the health of any functioning democracy.   

By Timothy Karr  freepress.net  October 14, 2015
Net Neutrality  The FCC and Media Policy

This piece originally appeared inOtherWords.

Earlier this year, the Newseum Institute asked 1,000 Americans to name their rights under the First Amendment. A clear majority listed freedom of speech first — before freedom of religion, assembly and other core civil liberties.

And that makes sense. Protecting free speech is essential to the health of any functioning democracy.

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Free speech matters to the hundreds of millions of Internet users who exercise this right every time they connect with others online. But if you ask some of the lawyers working for the companies…

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