Carol Burris: Bill and Melinda Gates Are Satisfied with the Damage They Have Done to Public Schools

Diane Ravitch's blog

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has spent a few billion on remaking public schools in the United States. Strangely, they have not attempted to introduce the kind of student-centered education that they own children experience at Lakeside Academy in Seattle. Instead, they want everything and everyone to be tested and data-driven, including the privately managed charter schools in which they have invested. They don’t “give” money to public schools, as philanthropists of an earlier generation do. They give money to be used only as they direct: on high-stakes testing, on evaluation of teachers by test scores, on the uniform adoption of the Common Core standards, and on schools willing to follow their directions. Needless to say, neither Bill nor Melinda has ever been a teacher. Yet they consider themselves to be experts in what and how to teach.

In this article, Carol Burris reviews the couple’s recent national conference…

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