Angela Engel: Interpreting the Colorado Elections

Diane Ravitch's blog

Angela Engel is a public education activist in Colorado. Here is her summary of the Colorado school board elections.

She writes:

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Thank you Nancy Ulrich and Bill Freud for hosting me on Far More Colorado.

Election Update:

Elections and Celebrations

In mainstream headlines this morning, journalists once again pinned both wins and losses on teachers unions, but there is a different story here and it is a powerful one!

Citizens in three communities woke up to the reform agendas playing out in local school board elections and said, “NO MORE.” This election was not about political parties, unions, or even philosophical differences.

For over a decade now, economic interests outside of education have been “buying” seats in school board races. These seats then buy political power and economic opportunity. In Douglas County the board passed a voucher initiative that directed tax…

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