On Marxism #marxism #marx

Julio Huato

I was recently invited to lecture on Marx and Marxism at the CUNY College of Staten Island.  These are my slides, which may be a bit too verbose for a typical presentation.  I typed more text in them than prudent, because I wanted those not attending the lecture to be able to follow its content more easily.


Although I concluded the slides by calling young people to study Marx seriously, I also said that the “real struggle” of our times, if one is to stick to the spirit of Marxism, is not to restore some “true Marxism” or anything of the sort, but rather to deal with our situation here and now, what affects us most gravely and immediately and, hence, we are in a better position to influence.  I said that if the doctrines of Marx and his followers are to prove helpful to our “real struggle,” it…

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