Noam Chomsky: My Hopes for the Future

Rise Up Times

Noam Chomsky on ISIS, his foreign policy critics, and why socialist ideas are “never far below the surface.”

Noam Chomsky. (photo: Andrew Rusk)Noam Chomsky. (photo: Andrew Rusk)

oam Chomsky, to rehearse a cliché, is among the world’s greatest living radical intellectuals. It is no less trite or true to add that he is also a broadly controversial figure: accused from various corners of a variety of failings ranging from “genocide denial” to rigid, “amoral quietism” in the face of mass atrocities. Most recently, critics of dissimilar political hues claim to have identified a range of follies in his statements on Syria.

In the following interview, freelance journalist Emanuel Stoakes puts some of these criticisms to Chomsky.

While reasserting his opposition to full-scale military intervention, Chomsky says he does not in principle oppose the idea of a no-fly zone…

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