Bill Moyers | The Most Undercovered Stories of 2015 Parts One and Two

Rise Up Times

Around this time every year, asks reporters, editors and bloggers which key story they feel the mainstream media failed to cover adequately over the last 12 months. 

(Part One)

From left to right: Bernie Sanders draws a crowd of roughly 28,000 at a rally in Oregon (Benjamin Kerensa/Flickr cc 2.0); a Florida SNAP food assistance card (Joe Raedle/Getty Images); a police officer at a 2011 Occupy protest in Washington, DC, wearing a taser (thisisbossi/Flickr cc 2.0).

The social safety net reduced poverty by nearly half

Greg Kaufmann

One of the greatest hoaxes pulled on the American people is the assertion that “we waged a war on poverty, and poverty won.” The conservative talking point was first uttered by President Reagan, and it has been pushed incessantly by the political class and the media ever since.

But it’s not true.

Census data released this…

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