Pollitt responds to my response

LBO News from Doug Henwood

Katha Pollitt is out with a response to my response to her review of My Turn. Once again, it’s largely free of any engagement with her political history. It’s a short book, but there is a healthy amount of detail about some rather terrible things she’s done over her four decades in public life. Katha touches briefly on a few, but the blows are merely glancing.

I understand why she might not want to engage, since those terrible things undermine some of Hillary’s supporters’ most cherished claims about her, notably all the work she’s done on behalf of women. She did give that famous and frequently quoted speech in Beijing in 1995 (not 1985, as Katha wrote) in which she said that “women’s rights are human rights.” I thoroughly agree that they are. But it’s not clear how Hillary put this assertion into actual practice.

Hillary’s material actions have often been decidedly less woman-friendly…

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