Bill Gates Still Throwing Millions into Promoting Common Core

Diane Ravitch's blog

Valerie Straus reports that Bill Gates continues to pour millions of dollars into organizations that might persuade people to like the Common Core. Usually when a product or service gets good word of mouth, it takes off. Unfortunately for Gates, who has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in establishing national standards, a national curriculum, and national testing, the public is not buying.

This past year, Gates expended another $42 million trying to buy friends for his standards. You might be surprised by some of the recipients.

Here are a few:

Editorial Projects in Education, which sponsors Education Week: $100,000

National Writing Project: $1.6 million

National Congress of Parents and Teachers: $1 million

The Boston Foundation: $150,000

There are many more. Someone should tell Bill, “Money can’t buy you love.”

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