New York: How Pearson Rips Off Teacher Candidates

Diane Ravitch's blog

Jamie Dangler of United University Professions informed me that her association had filed a Freedom of Information Act request for Pearson’s contract to assess incoming teachers. The initial response was a copy of a contract that was 75% redacted. They tried again and most of the redactions were gone.  They were shocked to learn that the state pays Pearson nothing to develop or administer the exams; Pearson profits when students fail and take the exam repeatedly.

She writes:

“We received a nearly clean copy of the New York State Education Department’s teacher certification exam contract with Pearson, Inc.

“It wasn’t easy to get. We filed a FOIL request that initially produced a copy of the contract that was nearly 75 percent blacked out. We appealed and then began to pursue legal action. We finally got a copy with less than 3 pages blacked out.
“Here’s a major problem we are…

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