Steven Singer on Day 2 of the United Opt Out Convention

Diane Ravitch's blog

Steven Singer asks: “How radical must we be to get the schools our children need and deserve?”

Steve describes two days of meeting with fellow activists in Philadelphia, where they discussed the road ahead.

He writes:

“All weekend at the United Opt Out Conference we’ve been talking about rebellion and revolution. There’s no weak tea here in the City of Brotherly Love. No half measures. We’ve been discussing tearing the system down piece-by-piece.
“A timid voice speaks up in the back of mind, “Do we really need to do all that? Do we really need revolution just to keep our public schools and make them into something worthy of our children?”

“I think I’ve been trying to answer that question for a while now. Maybe a lot of us have.

“In a rational country, our demands wouldn’t be so radical.
“We want public schools centered on the good of all…

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