D.C. Think Tank Ridicules Critics of Common Core

Diane Ravitch's blog

The Center for American Progress is a D.C. think tank that is closely aligned with the Obama administration and the Clintons. Recently it released a video making fun of people who don’t like the Common Core standards. The parents in the video express absurd views about Common Core and appear to be extremist wing nuts.

CAP doesn’t seem to understand the critics’ concerns and ignores them:

Early childhood educators say the standards are developmentally inappropriate.

The standards assume that all children, when taught the same material at the same pace, will learn at the same pace. They don’t.

The standards overlook children with disabilities and English language learners.

The standards were funded by one man, Bill Gates, who believes in standardization.

The tests for Common Core adopted a passing mark that dooms most children to fail.

Some educators sincerely like the Common Core. Some sincerely believe that the Common Core…

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