Peter Greene: The Secret Memo That Success Academy Does Not Want You to See

Diane Ravitch's blog

Peter Greene writes that the Success Academy charter chain proves definitively that charters are not public schools. 

It is a private business funded with public tax dollars.

They have previously gone to court to argue that they are not accountable to any elected officials or the state government itself. And now their team of lawyers has sent out a memo to remind staffers that they are not in any way accountable to anybody outside Success Academy walls.

Politico got its hands on that memo. It’s the latest in a string of damage control attempts at the charter chain, which has suffered one bad PR moment after another, from a got-to-go list of students to be forced out , to video of teacher cruelty to a child. They’ve drawn the unwelcome attention of veteran journalist John Merrow. Eva Moskowitz, who is paid more to head up her private chain of 11,000…

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