FairTest: The Latest News About Test Reform and Resistance

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Here is the weekly report from FaitTest on the progress of the movement to reform and resist standardized testing:

Bob Schaeffer of FairTest writes:

“What a week! A national poll concludes that a majority of parents are critical of standardized exam overkill; more minority parents, students and educators speak out against test misuse; yet another state’s computerized testing system collapses; and the opt-out movement continues to grow in breadth and depth. No wonder more state and local education policy-makers are beginning to heed the message: “Enough is enough!”

“National Most Parents Say “Too Much Emphasis on Standardized Testing,” According to New Poll

“National Race and the Standardized Testing Wars: More Minority Stakeholders Criticize Exams

National Pathways to New Accountability Through the Every Student Succeeds Act

“Arizona Buyer Beware When it Comes to Conclusions Drawn From Test Scores


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