Lee Camp on how Bernie Sanders Got Screwed by Election Fraud and Voter Suppression | Acronym podcast #12

Acronym TV

Lee Camp, host of Redacted Tonight, joins Dennis Trainor, Jr. for a conversation about blatant voter suppression, election fraud, #ExitPollGate and more.

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Lee Camp has been digging hard into the issue of Election fraud, voter suppression, and the wide disparity between exit poll data and election results. He captured that exit poll disparity in a meme he published last week. The actor Tim Robbins then re-tweeted it making the idea go viral.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 4.51.45 PM
The hashtag that Robbins chose here is a bit confusing. Fraud has been committed on voters, to be sure, but there was no voter fraud. If Camp’s #ExitPollGate findings are correct, what is playing out here is voter suppression and the total hijacking of our democracy.

Josh Holland, writing at Raw Story, took issue with Lee’s data, writing:

Here we have an example of an actor citing a comedian…

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