Teachers at Cleveland Charter School Vote to Unionize

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The AFT announced that a charter school in Cleveland chose to join the union, despite the efforts of the charter operator to dissuade them. This is a tricky situation. On one hand, charter advocates don’t want their teachers in a union. Of an estimated 7,000 charter schools, very few have union teachers. So it is a victory when charter teachers join a union. On the other hand, as small numbers of charters unionize, the national union becomes less likely to take a stand against charters, even though many–if not most–were created by rightwingers like the Waltons to bypass unions.

“For Immediate Release

May 5, 2016

Andrew Crook




Educators at second Cleveland charter school unionize
Northeast Ohio College Preparatory High School staff join national charter union wave

CLEVELAND—Teachers and support staff at Northeast Ohio College Preparatory High School (NEO High School) voted 21-3 today to join the…

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