California in the Grip of Charter Fever: This is NOT Democracy in Action

Diane Ravitch's blog

Rocketship Charters, which puts kids on computers and cuts costs by hiring Teach for America kids, applied to open a charter school in the Mount Diablo School District in California. The local school board voted no, unanimously. The Rocketship corporation appealed to the Costra County School Board, which also rejected their petition. The corporation then took their appeal to the State Board of Education, which overturned the local board and the county board and granted permission to the charter to open in the Mount Diablo district.

Of course, this means that the public schools in the district will have fewer resources, and will have to lay off teachers and cut programs so that the charter can thrive. The district, which serves most children, will suffer to feed the charter.

Another illustration of California’s willingness to sacrifice public schools and local control for the sake of the charter industry. Once again…

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