The Millennial Revolt Against Neoliberalism

Rise Up Times

We have been told a story about the presidential candidacy of Senator Bernie Sanders, a story perpetuated almost exclusively by centrist Democrats vehemently opposed to his progressive agenda.

A cheering crowd greeted Sanders at a Pennsylvania rally in April. “The driving force of the Sanders campaign, contrary to the fantasies concocted by Clinton surrogates,” writes Johnson, “has been a diverse coalition of voters revolting against the inequities produced by global capitalism — a system that has handsomely rewarded a select few while producing stagnant or declining incomes for everyone else.” (Photo: Penn State/flickr/cc)

By Jake Johnson  Common Dreams  July 18, 2016

This story has many variants, but each features a central component: The Sanders campaign, the narrative goes, is merely masquerading as an ambitious political revolt dedicated to improving the material conditions of the public. In reality, contrary to its facade of progressivism, the Sanders campaign has largely served as a vehicle through which angry white males…

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