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The Lantern Bearers — Maxfield Parrish


Pipeline Protests: Sacred Stones Camp, North Dakota

Rise Up Times

Kandi Mossett on Native American Pipeline Protests: Excellent informative interview.

CounterSpin by FAIR  August 26, 2016

 CounterSpin Kandi Mossett Full Show

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Protest against Dakota Access pipeline (photo: Little Redfeather Design/Honor the Earth via Indian Country Today)(photo: Little Redfeather Design/Honor the Earth via Indian Country Today)

This week on CounterSpin: For months now, hundreds and then thousands of indigenous people have been taking part in peaceful protests at the Sacred Stones camp in North Dakota. They’re protesting the construction of what’s called the Dakota Access pipeline, slated to carry fracked oil across the state and across the Missouri River. The Standing Rock Sioux say the Army Corps of Engineers approved the pipeline without their consent. For many people, what’s happening right now in North Dakota is a crucial story of a frontline fight of indigenous people against extractive industry—and on behalf of humanity, really, and the planet.

So far, though, for corporate media, it’s not much of a story at…

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Jupiter and Semele (detail) — Gustave Moreau

The Muses Leaving Their Father Apollo to Go out and Light the World — Gustave Moreau

Oriana — Frederick Sandys

Two Reclining Figures — Egon Schiele

Stalling or escaping?

Michael Roberts Blog

As I reported in a recent post, global economic growth has been slowing from its already below-average level.  US economic growth has dropped away in the first half of 2016, along with weak growth in Japan and Europe, slowing growth in China, impending recession in post-Brexit vote Britain and continued recessions in Brazil and Russia, with South Africa and Turkey about to join them.  Indeed, the US is growing at its weakest rate since 2010.  Worse, everything unrelated to consumer spending is suffering an outright contraction for the first time since the recession ended in 2009, according to Deutsche Bank.

US consumer

US business investment is dying.  Expenditures on new equipment fell 3.5% in the second quarter and is down nearly 2% over the last year. Spending on structures was down 7.9% in the quarter and 7% over the past year.  Labour productivity is stalling.  Even home purchases are falling, with…

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