Where Movements Meet: Black Lives Matter Organizers Visit #NoDAPL

Rise Up Times

It was really important to me to show up for Indigenous folks and for #NoDAPL. I think many times resistance is romanticized and we picture it differently in our minds, as opposed to what it actually looks like in real time. I recognized that this fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline is [a] critical fight for ALL of us. This isn’t just an Indigenous issue; water is life for all of us and we have a responsibility to the Earth and future generations to protect it.   

By Kelly Hayes, Truthout | News Analysis  September 2, 2016   

(Photo: Melinda Lee)(Photo: Melinda Lee)

Last weekend, as thousands of Indigenous protesters continued their efforts to ward off construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, a delegation from another life-and-death struggle visited the Native encampments in Standing Rock, North Dakota. While there have been numerous expressions of solidarity between Black Lives Matter organizers and…

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