It’s not politicians who will end oppression

Critical Dispatches

Herself actually found this piece a few months ago, after I took a photo I knew I’d post it up here, but – for whatever reason – I hesitated until now. I’m not really sure why, I’m a huge Bowie fan (which I inherited from my parents) and am always willing to at least consider radical ideas. Anyway, here’s a rather sweet piece of street-art that Herself and I stumbled upon while out for a walk in Turnham Green.

I plan to make a few changes to this site over the next few weeks and hope that I can include as many of you as possible. Critical Dispatches has around 20,000 subscribers at the moment and with the incredible writers that I’ve read and follow on this platform, I plan to start publishing guest articles and posts. If you’re interested then hit me up through my contact page.


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