Managed Decline



I read an interesting piece on how depression is actually impersonal and political rather than relating to specific childhood traumas. When we hear those snide inner voices saying ‘you’re useless.. what do you expect.. your failure to achieve is squarely down to you.. ‘ we have s internalized the lies of the  political parties and are suffering from a form of collective depression. And that’s what those in power like, a  cowed and smashed up workforce too pathetic to even care about cuts and austerity. Our failure to thrive is not the fault of a bi-polar economy but our own individual hopelessness to seize all the unlimited gifts of twenty-first century capitalism. Is it because we are worth it? Even advertising campaigns play on this inner worthlessness.

jihadi-jerk-offOver the last ten years  I’ve witnessed the managed decline of libraries with all the cynical bullshit about ‘front facing customer service skills,’…

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