Kia Ora! A critical assessment of Jacindamania

The South Lawn

(This is a guest post by Olivier Jutel, lecturer of journalism at the University of the South Pacific in Suva, Fiji. You can find him on Twitter at @OJutel.)

For those looking for an escape from Trump’s America, New Zealand appears to be a choice destination to ride out the catastrophe, with historic achievements like the first welfare state, a robust anti-nuclear movement successfully staring down the United States, and the Waitangi tribunal that monitors the government’s progress on keeping its obligations to the Maori.

Yet, fantasies born out of one’s own political desperation do not tend to hold up well under scrutiny.

It is telling that misanthropist billionaire vampire and Trump supporter Peter Thiel became a citizen of New Zealand, indulging in equal parts his Lord Of The Rings fantasies and bunker style apocalypticism. The role New Zealand plays in the dreams of the rich was recently captured…

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2 thoughts on “Kia Ora! A critical assessment of Jacindamania

    1. Thanks for the work! Good overview and analysis. Do you have any recommendations for good Kiwi sites – news, analysis, culture, or otherwise? I clicked on your twitter handle and apparently I’m already following you somehow. Must have been awhile ago through South Lawn somehow – or maybe some other lefties.

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