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October 12, 2017 Yanis Varoufakis on his new book, Adults in the Room, the story of his surreal negotiations with Greece’s creditors

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Nestlé Is Sucking the World’s Aquifers Dry

This is the logic of capitalism. Ceaseless accumulation and the commodification of all things. It has killed and enslaved hundreds of millions. There are now essentially zero constraints on capital, i.e., no regulations on corporations – because they have purchased most of the world’s politicians and written the laws that are supposed to regulate them. In the history of the world, wealth and power has never been more consolidated.


At Bloomberg Businesweek, Caroline Winter visits Nestlé’s bottling plant in Mecosta County, Michigan to analyze how the multinational corporations targets small communities with promises of jobs, and buys up public land to gain control of water resources. Nestle sold $7.7 billion dollars worth of bottled water last year, making it the world’s largest bottled water company. It made that money partly by paying a pittance for its product. Nestlé pays the U.S. Forest Service only $524 a year to draw 30 million gallons of public water in San Bernardino, California, and Nestlé pays the city of Evart, Michigan just $250,000 a year for its water. Consumers drink bottled water because they assume it’s safer than tap, but that makes us complicit in what many analysts and activists warn is the gradual privatization of water. These multinational corporations don’t have the public’s best interests in mind, activists warn. If…

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James Baldwin – I Heard it Through the Grapevine (1982) [Amazing Doc]

Many Gore Vidal gems here. He knew history, the ruling class, & saw the u.s. with clear eyes. The best kind of class traitor.


On Contact: The Rise of Charter Schools with Diane Ravitch

Two poems

There was a man who lost his ability to remember
for more than a few minutes
He frantically took notes to hold on
to any knowledge
But then it was gone
and he was doomed
to experience everything and everyone
as though for the first time


The corruption
has rotted us
from the head down
Enough difference of degree
will result in a difference in kind
When a top is spinning down
the slightest touch
can alter its course
and send it
to a dramatic end

Google Censors Block Access to CounterPunch and Other Progressive Sites

Rise Up Times

Every effort must be made to combat this serious infringement on the basic rights of freedom of speech and freedom of press.

The U.S. government, and the information technology companies which collaborate with it, is moving fully into the camp of governments which relentlessly utilize the internet to collect users online data, monitor their activities, and control what they can see and do.

First, there was – and is – the NSA, National Security Agency of the U.S., which collects the emails, phone records, social media data, and more from millions of U.S. citizens and the people of the world.  Software companies like Google cooperated silently by providing NSA access to its users until Edward Snowden made this odious system public.

Now Google, at the behest of its friends in Washington, is actively censoring – essentially blocking access to –…

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