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Comedy takes on nazis


Q:”Do you think of yourself primarily as singer or as a poet?” Bob:”Oh I think of myself more as a song and dance man, you know”


Redacted Tonight (TPP Signed, Nestle Admits Slavery, Bernie Momentum & More) [Video]

The EuroDiVision Contest – feat. Merkel, Žižek & IMF [RAP NEWS 31]

‘Are we the Baddies?’

Think about it america.

Mel Brooks on inequality, the rich, and what trickle down really looks like

Robin Williams is at peace

Robin Williams was one of the kindest, most talented, funniest, most creative individuals to ever walk the earth. He was a ball of energy and light in an imperfect vessel. Now he has cast it off and all of that beautiful energy is truly free. He survived much and experienced more than most of us ever will – and as cliched as it sounds, brought joy to the world. A true loss.

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