Healthcare: problems and solution

A partial description of the problems:

Mostly facts in the above video, but a sad conclusion and disingenuous to boot because there is a relatively easy answer that can actually be implemented: single-payer healthcare, also known as medicare for all and universal healthcare:

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A Place at the Table – trailer and interview with the filmmakers

Looks like a good movie. This interview is a good example of liberals coming to understand that charity does not work, that systemic problems need systemic answers, that seemingly individual problems have national and global consequences – and have political causes, i.e., people in power are causing problems like poverty. Unfortunately simply clicking on something is not going to change anything and even voting will have little systemic effect. The next step for liberals like this is to realize our entire political system is corrupt and needs radical change through collective action. Unfortunately, not going to happen anytime soon.

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Building Political Power for a New Economy: Cross-Sectoral Approaches

They seem like people deeply engaged, trying to make change and connections humbly. They have understood that a key to their work is solidarity and organizing. I believe forming an umbrella group (or groups) is key (as I have mentioned on this blog) to any meaningful change on a national and global level. I have some concerns about the technocratic aspects of this approach and not seeming to include poor people directly, but barring the total collapse of capitalism, there has to be a large measure of fighting fire with fire, i.e., using numbers and using politicians to get things done. These people seem to be approaching everything relatively democratically and in the right spirit. Pros and cons can (and will) be debated ad infinitum (and I’m always happy to hear any informed comments), but really, the point of this post is to bring attention to people attempting to make progressive change. Many claim that position, but the real thing seems few and far between. I will post again when I learn more – or better yet, find out for yourself…

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