Buttons has lung cancer – please help

As in music and many other fields, quite a few surfing innovators never got paid, and Buttons Kaluhiokalani was one of them.  Sure, some of it was Button’s fault, but the truth is, the surfing world is filled with corporations and athletes that directly benefited from Button’s creativity and aloha. Where were they when he needed help then – and where are they now? If the surfing companies that got rich off of people like Buttons (who was a huge influence on progressive surfing) paid him just one tenth of one percent of what they make in a week, he and his family would be set forever. Well, we know that’s not going to happen. It’s an old story…

In the last few years Buttons has really turned his life around and is a positive force in Hawaii spreading aloha wherever he goes.

If you have any spare coins, please donate to his healthcare and family here