List of every film mentioned in the documentary Los Angeles Plays Itself

I recently watched the doc (though doc is not a great label here) Los Angeles Plays Itself. I quickly became amazed at the number of films mentioned and began to think about writing a few down. Then more and more films were mentioned. And then even more. I gave up, decided to enjoy the film, and do an internet search later. (I say internet search because I think it is wise for people to stop free advertising for and supporting an evil company. I’ve been using Duckduckgo with fairly good results for a while now. Check it out). The internet search instantly bore fruit. The person at the website words, words, words did yeoman’s work cataloging every film mentioned. Job well done.

Les Dimanches de Ville d’avray / Sundays And Cybele

Click the “cc” button to turn on subtitles.

I don’t give a whit about industry awards, but for those of you who do: Sundays and Cybele won the 1962 academy award for best foreign language film – and was nominated for best music and best writing.

More consequentially, Morris Berman highly recommends this film – and I highly recommend you read all of his books:

Click here for a list of books

As an introduction to his thought, here is an interview he did with Thom Hartmann:

Martin Scorsese 2013 Jefferson Lecture

Persistence of Vision: Reading the Language of Cinema

Martin Scorsese, Academy Award winning American film director, screenwriter, producer, actor, film historian and preservationist delivers the 42nd annual Jefferson Lecture on April 1 at 7:30 PM at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC.

Scorsese’s lecture, “Persistence of Vision: Reading the Language of Cinema,” will be followed by an on-stage conversation with noted film-critic and long-time collaborator Kent Jones.